A New Generation of Cigar Makers

Excellent cigars are more than just tobacco and smoke. Only a true craftsman, who is passionate and respectful of their work, can achieve a high distinction and flavor in their cigar.

Using the best tobaccos in the world, and a non-stop drive for greatness, Reyes Del Caribe Cigars is looking to reimagine what the industry thought possible. Please sit back, light one up, and enjoy.

First Class

The finest tobacco leaves are selected to create the flavorful blend and rich aroma of Reyes Del Caribe Cigars. These leaves are then aged and hand-rolled by craftsmen with generations of experience in the art of shaping quality cigars.

The essence of this unique cigar, with its remarkably smooth blend and exceptional burn, is rooted in the careful selection of tobacco to be used in each part of the process; the ideal aging of the leaves; and the skill of masters in the best tradition of cigar-making.

The Cigar

3 Varieties

Reyes Del Caribe is proud to offer two varieties (medium and full-bodied) in three different sizes. Every blend has been curated from the beginning to end to give you the finest smoking experience.

Try them all and tell us which one you prefer!

The Land


The Dominican Republic has always had a reputation among cigar aficionados for making premium smokes. Today, it is the world’s foremost supplier of handmade cigars, combining a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship with the outstanding tobacco crop of the island.

Reyes Del Caribe is proud to offer cigar enthusiasts everywhere its exclusive selection of the Dominican Republic’s finest handmade cigars.

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